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Criminal Defense

Criminal Defense

When you have been charged with a crime, you need an experienced lawyer who will aggressively protect your rights. We have successfully handled nearly every type of criminal case. More importantly, we have witnessed firsthand how a criminal charge can impact every area of a person's life. We are available to assist you during the representation of your case, as well as cleaning up your record after the fact when eligible. When your reputation, livelihood, freedom, and family are on the line, Milligan Law, will provide proven advocacy and personalized legal solutions to represent you in every step of the process.

Animal Cruelty/Neglect

Within the arena of criminal law, Jessica Milligan has become a respected lawyer and the premier expert in Texas relating to animal cruelty laws. Being the only lawyer in Texas with over 11 years of focused animal cruelty legal experience, Milligan knows the loopholes in animal law. She also knows how to navigate the criminal justice system and the different types of resolutions available for those charged with animal related crimes.  She knows the inner workings of the civil and criminal components of animal law cases and can represent you in both arenas.  If you are being charged with an animal related offense, Milligan Law can assist you in determining the best disposition for you and your animal cruelty defense.

Criminal Trespass

A criminal trespass charge can be issued because a defendant allegedly enters someone else's property despite notice of no entry or refused to leave after being instructed to do so.  A conviction for criminal trespassing can lead to penalties that include jail time and/or a hefty fine. You also can expect a criminal trespassing conviction to show up on background checks, which can make securing gainful employment difficult or impossible. If you face a charge for criminal trespass, you should work with a Texas licensed criminal defense attorney such as Milligan Law who understands every possible defense to utilize as an attempt to get you exonerated from your charge.

Dog Attack

You probably didn't know this prior to being charged, but Texas dog owners can be charged with a criminal offense if an owner's dog attacks a person and the attack causes serious bodily injury or death.  Of course, there are other very specific and intricate elements that have be to proven by the State beyond a reasonable doubt in order for a dog attack prosecution to stand up in Court.  Most prosecutors and police officers have never investigated a dog attack case and they do not know how to break down the elements of this crime to present one in court.  However, Milligan Law does.  Milligan Law has a great deal of experience handling dog attack cases through investigation and disposition in criminal court.  

Domestic Violence and Assault

Assault charges may result from a variety of incidents, including domestic disputes, fights in bars, road rage and even resisting arrest.

A conviction of assault or domestic violence can result in serious consequences to your personal and professional life. You might be facing a possible jail sentence and permanent criminal record that can have long-term consequences on your career, your family life, and even your parental rights.

Milligan Law offers experienced legal representation if you face criminal charges for domestic violence or assault which begins by reviewing every detail of the police reports and all witness statements and evidence that has been collected. Milligan Law then conducts our own investigation by speaking with witnesses and determining whether there are actually two sides to the story.  

Depending upon the strength of your case, we can go to trial or work to get charges reduced in pretrial negotiations. Even when a defendant's guilt is not questioned, Milligan Law can improve the outcome of your case through complete sentencing hearings.  Sometimes it's just a matter of finding other alternative treatment programs, such as anger management, that may be applicable to resolve your case and work to improve your current family dynamic.

Drug Possession/Distribution

There are a wide variety of drug crimes, including marijuana offenses, crack/cocaine offenses, methamphetamine offenses, heroin offenses, drug trafficking, possession with intent to distribute, possession of drug paraphernalia, possessing drugs in a school zone or public park, prescription drug charges, and more. While each of them may have a different punishment range, they all lead to personal and fiscal consequences.  Milligan Law can advise when it makes sense to go to trial and when negotiations are likely to lead to the best possible outcome. More importantly, if the charges arise from a substance abuse issue, Milligan Law wants to guide as many clients as possible towards a long-term solution by connecting them to alternative treatment programs and other substance-abuse therapy and resources.


If you or someone you know has been arrested for a drunk driving offense in Fort Bend County, Harris County, or the surrounding areas, we encourage you to call an experienced lawyer.  At Milligan Law, we review every aspect of a DWI case, beginning with the initial police stop and any field sobriety tests. If your rights were violated during the stop or tests or if we can challenge the admissibility of your breath/blood test results, you may be able to get your charges reduced or dismissed.  Regardless of the strength of the State's case against you, you still need legal representation to help you handle your situation. A conviction can lead to suspension or revocation of your driver's license, large fines, and jail time. When your reputation, livelihood, freedom, and family are on the line, Milligan Law, will provide proven advocacy and personalized legal solutions to represent you. 

Evading on Foot or Motor Vehicle

When a police officer in Texas initiates a traffic stop, you are required to pull over at the nearest and safest location. Sometimes, however, the driver fails to notice the police car or sirens in time.  When a police officer in Texas is pursuing you on foot, you also have a duty to stop. That does not mean you have to answer any questions other than providing your identification, you simply cannot run.  If you do run from a police officer on foot or in a car, no matter the reason, the police officer pursuing you may charge you with evading arrest or evading detention in a motor vehicle. The penalties for these offenses are steep and may include jail time. If you have been charged with evading the police, you need a criminal defense attorney experienced in these matters. 

Expunctions and Non-Disclosures

If you were convicted of a crime, you are likely already aware of the impact it can have on your life. Even after completing the ordered terms of probation or sentence, your case disposition can make it difficult to move on with life and become a productive member of society. It can be difficult to later find a good job or  a place to live.  While not every case will qualify for an expunction in Texas, some infractions can be expunged while others can be sealed through a petition for non-disclosure.  We have experience helping clients with both.  Taking the time to work with Milligan Law to have your criminal record expunged or sealed could lead to a better future for you and your family. 


Like many states, Texas has an established juvenile court system that focuses on rehabilitation of young offenders rather than punishment. Courts want to be as lenient as possible with young offenders  in order to provide them a second chance.  This does not mean that you should take charges in juvenile court lightly. If your son or daughter is being accused of a crime, it is critical to his or her long-term future that you seek representation with experience in juvenile law. At Milligan Law we have experience in juvenile law and are familiar with the unique set of rules that pertain to juveniles from the investigative stage through the court proceedings.  We are also experienced in the process to later seal those records (when possible) once the proceedings have concluded.  As parents, we know how much is at stake during this process and we will work hard to reach terms involving alternative sentencing if that is in your child's best interest. We also recognize that some situations involving juvenile filings are caused by poor decision making, however other juvenile crimes may be accompanied by issues such as the need for psychological counseling, family counseling, emotional development or other needs for assistance. We work with specialists in a variety of fields who can help your child and your family get through this challenging time together.

Probation Violations

Probation, commonly referred to as community supervision or deferred adjudication, requires a probationer to follow certain conditions and restrictions during the term of your probation.  If those terms are not completed successfully, a motion to adjudicate or motion to revoke your probation can be filed against you.  The consequences for breaking those terms or rules can be severe and may include steep fines or even jail time.  To protect your interests, Milligan Law can defend your rights and fight to keep you on probation or obtain the best possible outcome for your case. 

Property Crimes

Being charged with a property crime can result in jail time, or at the very least, a hefty restitution bill.  Examples of the property crimes our law firm can handle include criminal mischief, criminal trespass, copper theft, vandalism and arson.  No matter what specific charge you are facing, Milligan Law will review the facts of your case and advise you on your best course of action, whether that will involve pursuing plea negotiations or taking your case to trial.


Racing on the highway may sound harmless, especially when it's done late at night when no one else is on the highway, but it remains a dangerous activity. High speeds can lead to accidents, serious property damage, serious injuries, and even death. That's why -- in theory at least -- police officers and the State of Texas takes the crime so seriously.   The penalties that follow an arrest or conviction for racing can be just as serious, especially if the racing resulting in serious bodily injury or death, in which case a defendant could be sentenced to up to twenty years in prison.  You can also expect your license to be suspended for up to a year and community service to be imposed as an additional punishment. If an accident or property damage is involved, you may also be responsible for any expenses associated with the property damage and may be forced to pay restitution by the court.  If you have been charged with the offense of Racing on a Highway,  you should retain Milligan Law to help you develop your defense strategy.

Resisting Arrest

It's a lot easier than you would think to be charged with resisting arrest . You don't even have to use physical force to get charged - making your body go limp or stiffening your body when police are trying to arrest you can result in a charge of resisting arrest. Before you take a plea, however, you must make sure you have not been overcharged with resisting if all you did was argue or criticize the police. You must make sure the police did not use excessive force against you first when making your arrest.  These situations often turn into  a "your word against the word of the police officer" and it essential to have an experienced criminal defense attorney review body cam footage and investigate your case for you.  If the evidence aligns, Milligan Law can help you best resolve your situation. However, if the evidence doesn't support your charge, Milligan Law can help undermine the credibility of the officer who filed the resisting charge against you and seek nullification of your case.

Terroristic Threat/Harassment/Cyber Bullying

Believe it or not, the way you use your words could be criminal and result in criminal charges. Specifically, if you threaten violence against another person or a group of people, and in doing so, you instill imminent fear in them, you could be charged with a crime.  If you continue to call or text someone after they have asked you to stop communicating with them, you could be charged with a crime.  Even comments made in jest can be construed as threatening and may result in criminal charges.  Terroristic threats, acts of harassment and cyber-bullying may be communicated in multiple ways, including verbally, written and even online through the internet or social media channels.  Milligan Law understands how these charges may ultimately impact your life and the lives of the recipients and will help you obtain a fair result.

Theft and Burglary and Fraud

Theft crimes are considered crimes of moral turpitude, a label that can haunt convicted individuals for years when it comes to employment, housing, immigration and other areas of your life. Theft crimes may be charged as misdemeanors or felony offenses depending on the value of the property or services stolen, and whether the theft involved a weapon, a vehicle or any dangerous item.  We have extensive experience handling all types of theft charges, including shoplifting, burglary, check fraud and forgery, credit card abuse, robbery and aggravated robbery, receiving stolen property, and identity theft.  The earlier Milligan Law gets involved in your case the better.

Traffic Violations

Remember, a traffic ticket case is a criminal case, and you have important constitutional rights, whether you are guilty or innocent. As your traffic lawyer, Milligan Law can protect and exercise your rights. Knowledge of the applicable law, the procedures and quirks of a particular court, and relationships with court personnel, prosecutors, judges and peace officers help us get the results you need, almost always without a trial. 

We can also defend those of you who are facing a DPS driver's license suspension hearing or a DPS license revocation hearing, whether for being an habitual violator or an uninsured at-fault driver. When necessary and if permitted by law, Milligan Law can help you get and keep an occupational license.

Weapons Crimes

Whether you have been charged with aggravated robbery, felon in possession of a weapon, reckless discharge of a firearm or another weapons crime, you need a good defense attorney. 

Weapons crimes are serious and can often increase the penalty range of any underlying or accompanying charge.  Pleading guilty to a weapons offense may also mandate a particular term of prison confinement, limiting your options for parole eligibility.  Because these cases are serious, your case demands an assertive defense strategy from a knowledgeable criminal defense firm like Milligan Law who has handled weapons cases from filing to disposition.  

Other Crimes

Milligan Law has experience in handling nearly every type of criminal offense in Texas, even those not specifically delineated in the list above.  If you have been charged with a criminal offense in Texas and need experienced legal advise, contact Milligan Law for a free consultation.


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