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Animal Law Consulting

Animal Law and Animal Cruelty Expert and Consultant

Jessica Milligan, of Milligan Law, PLLC, is a former Assistant District Attorney with nearly 15 years of prosecutorial experience, most recently as the Harris County District Attorney's Office Animal Cruelty Section Chief.  As a veteran animal cruelty prosecutor for over 11 years,  Jessica investigated and prosecuted thousands of animal cruelty cases from inception through trial.  Within the arena of civil animal seizure and animal criminal law, Jessica Milligan has become the premier expert in Texas relating to animal cruelty laws. In addition to investigating and prosecuting cases, she made it an objective to advance the criminal justice system in the world of animal law, as well as criminal justice reform. 

For example, Jessica drafted and helped pass the bill criminalizing sexual abuse against animals and amend the current animal cruelty statute to increase the punishment range for violent animal cruelty offenders in 2017.  Along with local law enforcement, Jessica spearheaded the Harris County Animal Cruelty Task Force and the 501(c)3 and fundraising arm of the Task Force - Paw & Order: Friends of the Harris County Animal Cruelty Task Force.  Jessica personally developed the Responsible Pet Ownership Class still utilized today by the Harris County Probation Department and created the HOPE (Helping Our Pets through Education) Program, where she taught hundreds of students every year about animal crueltyemphasizing the importance of empathy for animals among future generations.  Jessica is a frequent speaker/trainer on animal cruelty and other animal law related issues for law enforcement, animal control, prosecutors, defense attorneys and the animal welfare community. 

Most district attorney's offices do not have a specialized prosecutor specifically designated to handle the uniqueness of animal cruelty cases from the investigative stage through courtroom disposition.  Most Texas counties also do not have law enforcement or animal control officers specifically trained on how to collect evidence in animal cruelty, dog attack, and other animal related investigations.  This is challenging for the State of Texas and can be valuable for a defense attorney who wants to take advantage of that lack of resources and knowledge, as it often impacts whether animal cruelty cases will stand up in court.  Jessica's ability to independently review evidence, prepare for trial, and fully litigate animal cruelty cases on behalf of the State or defense from inception through trial makes her uniquely qualified to consult with both prosecutors and defense attorneys on animal cruelty and neglect cases.

Further information regarding Jessica's qualifications as an animal cruelty expert and consultant can be obtained by contacting Milligan Law for further information. 


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