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Animal Cruelty Defense

Animal Seizure Defense and Animal Cruelty Defense 

Within the arena of civil animal seizure and animal criminal law, Jessica Milligan is a respected animal law attorney and the premier expert in Texas relating to animal cruelty laws.  If your animal has been removed from you by law enforcement, animal control, or a local animal investigative agency, it is essential to get Milligan Law involved in your case as quickly as possible.

Unlike other Texas attorneys, Milligan Law has experience with both civil seizure proceedings and criminal animal cruelty proceedings.  Her substantial experience with the inner workings of those proceedings may help you avoid subsequent cruelty charges in criminal court. 

Animal Seizure Defense

Milligan Law may be able to help assist you in keeping your animal(s) or getting your animal(s) returned to you after a civil seizure warrant has been served upon you.   Do not wait!  If you have been served with a civil seizure warrant and your animal has been removed from your possession, contact Milligan Law and get a legal advocate on your side before attending the civil seizure hearing.

Animal Cruelty Defense

If your animal(s) has already been removed from your home and you are now being charged with animal cruelty or neglect, Milligan Law can help.  As the only lawyer in Texas with over 11 years of focused legal experience in animal cruelty laws, Milligan knows the loopholes involved in animal cruelty prosecution and all the ins-and-outs of the criminal justice system as it pertains to animal cruelty and neglect. She knows the proper way to investigate an animal cruelty case and how the evidence should be preserved for presentation in Court.  

From the removal of your animal(s) to the civil trial and criminal disposition of your case, Milligan Law has the detailed experience you need to navigate your case, protect your rights and pets, and help you achieve the best resolution available in your situation.


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