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When you need an attorney, experience matters. With experience as a former district attorney for nearly 15 years and a civil attorney prior to entering public service, we understand how to analyze a case from all angles and know what it takes to fight for you. Our knowledge of the law includes the insight into how prosecutors and opposing attorneys construct, analyze, and try their cases in court. If there is a reason for your case to be dismissed or the charges reduced, we will find it. As our client, you will always receive a thorough investigation, a solid strategy, and aggressive representation to defend your rights.

During Jessica's term serving as a prosecutor for almost a decade and a half, she learned that there is no perfect case and that some charges do not have sufficient evidence to prove the case beyond a reasonable doubt. This gives her a significant edge in analyzing and defending your case. As your advocate, she can spot weaknesses and loopholes in the charges filed against you. Additionally, she knows what type of charge reduction and sentencing options the district attorneys have available to them. If a complete exoneration is not a possibility, she will continue to fight until we have negotiated the best possible plea bargain for you and your individual circumstances.

Jessica has handled thousands of criminal investigations, including animal cruelty and neglect cases, felonies of every type, misdemeanors of every type, juvenile crimes, environmental crimes, and justice of the peace and class C violations.  She has also processed and litigated hundreds of expunctions and assisted in Harris County's veteran's court where she advocated for veteran's to receive creative dispositions of their cases.

Jessica is a certified Texas mediator qualified to mediate all types of disputes from neighborhood issues to complex civil litigation issues and advanced family law matters.

Prior to working being a criminal defense attorney and prosecutor, Jessica practiced civil law in San Antonio specializing in construction, employment and insurance cases advocating on behalf of those slighted by contractors, insurance companies and their employers. She has also clerked at an insurance defense firm in San Antonio and the United State's Attorney's Office in both Colorado and New Mexico.  Jessica has held various board positions with the Houston Bar Association and is licensed in both Texas and Colorado, as well as the Western District of Texas.

A frequent speaker on criminal law and animal cruelty issues, Jessica has lectured at many law schools, law enforcement academies, and animal welfare conferences where she has trained thousands of police officers, prosecutors, veterinarians, animal control officers, and individuals involved in animal rescue.

Jessica's vast experience as an attorney in the private, public, and criminal sectors of the legal field have prepared her to zealously handle legal matters on your behalf and help you and your family get the relief you desire.


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